Our fave Magical Rose Illuminating Elixir, Flowers in your Hair Rose and Magical Rose Sugar Souffle - buff, hydrate and finish with our rejuvinating hair and body mist.


SOUFFLE - Fine sugar body scrub, made from pomegranate extract, borage oil and roses. This scrub has a dry finish and is perfect for removing dead skin cells and promote skin rejuvenation.

CREME - Full of rose goodness, this crème will be absorbed into your skin in lightning fast speed leaving an incredible scent and soft natural glow. She is as effective as she is lovely.

FLOWERS IN HAIR - Not just for your hair, this fragrant little friend is full of moisturizing goodness and will be loved by your skin alike. Aloe is perfect for healing and hydrating whilst Neroli is anti-inflammatory and rich in vitamins, perfect for the skin or hair. Spray all over the body as required or in your hair throughout the day.